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"The World of Studio Ghibli's Animation" Exhibition

Animations by acclaimed Director Hayao Miyazaki are all time-defying classics. Being part of the iconic scene in person is a dream for every fan. William Chan Design (WCD) was proudly appointed by Japan's legendary Studio Ghibli, to organize "The World of Studio Ghibli's Animation" Exhibition in Hong Kong, 2019. Presenting classic scenes from masterpieces in gigantic 3D installations, which fans can dabble into the fantastical world, we made dreams come true for all.

With WCD crew's expertise and Studio Ghibli's official team from Japan, a perfect recreation of famous scenes were brought into reality; on top of that, we have also introduced impactful immersive experience by the power of Ghibli to the audience for the very first time in Hong Kong. Lastly, with limited edition, exhibition only merchandise, the exhibition had already become a talk of the town since the early bird period. It was featured on over a hundred local and international media, and attracted tens of thousands of visitors - a pilgrimage for all Ghibli fans. Social Media post featuring "Taking the train with No-Face" or "Waiting for the bus with Totoro" took the top spots in Facebook/ Instagram locally, the city was in Hayao Miyazaki fever and the exhibition was called "The Must do in 2019". It had gained positive momentum across the Asia Pacific and widely recognized by industry professional, the exhibition had won Event Marketing Asia Awards and Markies Awards for its outstanding performance.

"The World of Studio Ghibli's Animation" Exhibition encompasses 8 sections and over 20 classic moments within: "My Neighbour Totoro", "Castle in the Sky", "Kiki’s Delivery Service", "Porco Rosso", "Pom Poko", "Princess Mononoke", "Spirited Away" and" Howl’s Moving Castle". Our curation and space design created joyful surprises for both Ghibli fans and new generations, WCD is glad to have brought unforgettable sweet memories to all for years to come.