“Dare to Dream”
Snoopy Art & Life Exhibition

Snoopy is the symbol for “dreams coming true” since the launch of fabled cartoon “Peanuts” in 1950. “Dare to Dream” Snoopy Art & Life Exhibition displayed various Snoopy art pieces made with Japan's most iconic traditional crafts, leading everyone to kick-start a radiant journey of pursuing one’s dreams.

“Dreams Never Fail” Snoopy’s Time Track Giant Art Installation includes four Snoopy figurines, in which one is the world’s largest Snoopy figurine. The “Create Your Dreams” Snoopy themed calligraphy and Japanese craft exhibition displays the artpieces crafted by Yoshi Otani, other master Japanese craftsmen, and "Hida Ichii Itto-bori: Dragon and Snoopy",from the private collection of Jean Schulz.

Yoshi Otani also came to Hong Kong to attend the exhibition, and live demonstrated Snoopy images with brush calligraphy of “Hong Kong (香港)”and the images of “dragon” and “sailboat”. 

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